Chicchi by Marigold is a project that very close to our hearts that brings the philosophy of our kitchen to our coffee, based on sustainability and traceability, quality coffee beans, and stories about the real people who make our food. 

For our second line of coffees we tasted more than 60 coffees from all over the world. As we narrowed our selections, we tasted our favorites over and over again, slightly adjusting the roasting recipe to find the perfect Marigold flavor profile. It's a complex process that we did in collaboration with our coffee experts and roaster.   

Our second specialty coffee line features premium coffees sourced from small, organic farms and reputable traders in Colombia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Uganda

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Coffee for Espresso


Marigold blend 

Our Marigold Blend is made from three single origin coffees from Colombia: 

origin: colombia, producer: jairo lopez

quindío / pijao / 1.500 m.a.s.l. / castillo / natural (36h)

origin: colombia, producer: familia gomez

inzá / cauca / 1.990 m.a.s.l. / caturra / dried on parabolic beds

origin: colombia, producer: giovanit gutierrez

tolima / herrera / 1.700 m.a.s.l. / caturra / natural


Our Marigold blend is our chosen espresso for single and double shot espressos served at the restaurant. The blend features comforting notes of rich chocolate, fruit compote, dried plum, and a hint of cinnamon. While the coffee is extracted on our Victoria Arduino machine in the restaurant, you can prepare the coffee at home in your moka. The flavors are accentuated and even more intense.

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Ethiopia Single Origin 

zone gedeo

town worka town

producer girum assefa

variety dega, wolisho

process natural

altitude 2.000 - 2.300 m.a.s.l.

Danche is a washing station located in Chelbesa, Gedo. The station buys cherries from 313 farmers who produce high quality coffee thanks to fertile soil and responsible farming methods. The Danche washing station has organic certification.

The farmers allow the cherry to ripen well before they harvest as they know that this creates more sweetness. They also trust their god will let them know the exact right time to begin picking. The farmers here can walk for up to two hours to deliver their cherry to the washing station. Girum Assefa pays careful attention in managing the site and the processing of these coffees.

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Costa Rica Single Origin 

department turrialba

city aquiares

producer don alfonso robelo (family)

altitude 1.200 - 1.400 m.a.s.l.

blend of two specialty micro-lots from the same producer

1. variety: esperanza / process: natural

2. variety: marsellesa, obatá / process: red honey

Aquiares, one of Costa Rica’s largest and most historic coffee farms, sits high on the fertile slopes of Turrialba Volcano. Producing coffee continuously for over a century, the farm has developed an enduring model for growing high-quality Arabica coffee, protecting a stunning natural setting, and supporting a thriving local community of 1,800 people. Established by British farmers in 1890, Aquiares was one of the first estates to produce and export Costa Rican coffee. In 1971, the farm was purchased by its current owners - three families who have worked together with the farm´s staff and community to implement a modern model of sustainable agriculture. Today, the estate is the largest continuous coffee farm in Costa Rica, covering 924 hectares, 80% of which is planted under shade-grown Arabica.

Don Alfonso took over farm management in 1992, and at the time he was fairly new to coffee. Although he has been involved in many industries over his lifetime, he has always held a strong commitment to social justice. From the beginning, Don Alfonso made the social welfare of farm workers and the wider community one of his main priorities. His dedication has transformed the farm and the region.

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Coffee for Filter


Uganda Single Origin 

district kanungu

town nyakshenyi

producer kingsley griffin

variety SL-14, SL-28, SL-34

process washed

altitude 1.300 - 1.550 m.a.s.l.

Kingha Estate is located in a remote area in the south west, about 10 hours drive from Kampala. The farm is about 12 hectares total. It also operates as a washing station for small scale farmers (out growers) in the area. There are a lot of smallholders there, but hardly any companies are investing in the value chain or focus on quality. The farm is located next to national parks for both Gorillas and other game. The coffee from the farm itself is named Kingha Estate, the coffee from the out growers is called Kingha Collective.

Kingsley Griffin, originally from Canada was a school teacher that decided to start with a coffee farm in Uganda after a Gorilla hike in the area. He's got a keen interest and focus on supporting the production of quality specialty coffee. In addition to producing coffees from his own farm he is also working with some carefully selected out growers in the region.

Kingsley and Kingha Estate is part of the World Coffee Research Variety Program.

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Colombia Single Origin 

department quindio

city pijao

producer jairo lopez

process natural (carbonic maceration

altitude 1.500 m.a.s.l.

variety castillo

Owned for 80 years by the family Lopez, the farm passed on to four brothers in 2005, until it was subsequently divided in two. Since 2019 Jario Lopez is the only owner of Puerto Alegre, before that he shared the farm with his brother Cesar.

The main varietal is Castillo, with small productions of Geisha and Java. Avocados and platanos are also cultivated on the farm. While avocados are planted separately, the platanos are inter-planted among the coffee trees.

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