Specialty Coffee

Meet our new Chicchi lineup, featuring superior producers from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil.

Chicchi [ki: ki:] means 'coffee beans' in Italian.

The name represents our commitment to the raw ingredient that makes an exceptional coffee.

We source the green coffee beans from small, sustainable farms where the growers bring immense passion and skill. Together with our coffee experts and roaster, we select the right roasting recipes to achieve interesting and complex flavor profiles that are unique to us.

Aligned with our kitchen philosophy at Marigold, our coffee is a pure expression of the beans themselves, the place where they're grown, and the hands that cultivated them. Our goal is to deliver an elevated Marigold coffee experience not only to our Roman community but anyone who wishes to be transported to our dining room, even just for a moment, through an exceptional cup of coffee.

The Making of Chicchi

Designing Chicchi

We used the most local form of inspiration we could think of to design the labels for our debut line of specialty coffees: our street.

Stepping out the front door of Marigold, via Giovanni da Empoli extends just a few hundred meters, lined with colorful residential and office buildings constructed at various times over the course of the last century or so. Directly opposite the restaurant, a soft pink office building contrasts the pale yellow façade of our building. Patches of untamed wildlife and an overgrown abandoned underground car park contribute greenery to the scene, while the vast blue sky sets a dramatic background. These were the colors we chose to make up this first color palette. 

Inspired by Roman geometries - cosmatesque floor patterns, ancient Roman mosaics, and architectural symmetries - we developed a seamless pattern that we applied in the colors inspired by the street. The resulting forms feel architectural, like looking out the windows of the dining room observing the street scene.

Inside the bags is one kind of Marigold world, produced by small farmers all over the world and roasted according to our own unique taste. On the outside, another kind of Marigold world. The one that hosts us, protects us, and greets us everyday.