Colombia Puerto Alegre

Colombia Puerto Alegre

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single origin | whole beans

department quindio

city pijao

producer jairo lopez

process natural

altitude 1.500 m.a.s.l.

variety castillo

suggested for filter

tasting notes cherry, chocolate, caramel


Additional Farm Info

Owned for 80 years by the family Lopez, the farm passed on to four brothers in 2005, until it was subsequently divided in two. Since 2019 Jario Lopez is the only owner of Puerto Alegre, before that he shared the farm with his brother Cesar.

The main varietal is Castillo, with small productions of Geisha and Java. Avocados and platanos are also cultivated on the farm. While avocados are planted separately, the platanos are inter-planted among the coffee trees.

Processing Specification

Natural Anaerobic process: The coffee is picked at its optimal maturity moment and then floated to remove the less dense coffee. After the coffee is floated it is placed in sealed containers for 48 hours under temperature and PH control. Once  the fermentation has reached its targeted point, the coffee is dried.

Drying Method

The coffee is dried on a big tunnel constructed specially to dry naturals. The structure has the possibility to have a constant air stream that helps to prevent mold growth on the coffee. Recently Jairo Lopez added UV lights at night to avoid the re-humidification of the cherry since the local relative humidity is high.


The cherries get hand sorted at picking, later again during the drying process on the raised beds. Any other defects are removed at the milling in green up to the desired norm.