Brazil Mantiqueira Azul

Brazil Mantiqueira Azul

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single origin | whole beans

state minas gerais

region mantiquera de minas

municipality carmo de minas

producer COCARIVE

process pulped natural

altitude 1.200 m.a.s.l.

variety yellow catuai

suggested for espresso

tasting notes chocolate, almond cookie, apricot, peanut butter



The history of the Vale do Rio Verde Coffee Growers Regional Cooperative begins 60 years ago, when, on May 7, 1961, a group of coffee growers from Carmo de Minas and neighboring towns decided to join forces with the aim of making local coffee growing a reference in productivity and in the excellence of the coffees produced.

Since then, COCARIVE has been growing and gaining visibility in the national and international markets in terms of specialty coffees, this is all due to the fact that its members dedicate themselves to the cultivation of coffee, which is not just their livelihood but also the passion and joy of their everyday lives.

Currently, COCARIVE exports the coffees of its members to several countries spread across the five continents around the world and to numerous Brazilian states.

Support for the associated coffee grower is given in several ways, they are:

  • technical support through agricultural technicians
  • a store of inputs and equipment needed for harvesting and maintenance of crops and properties with below-market prices and special payment conditions
  • warehouses that have coffee processing machinery
  • highly equipped laboratory for sensory analysis of specialty coffees
  • export department that seeks the best markets for the cooperative members' coffees

For decades, COCARIVE has sought the economic, social and environmental development of the 23 cities it serves through modernization, training of its employees and adjustments to its Bylaws.

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